Acute Transient Stress Induced Adrenal Hypertrophy and Adrenal Medullary Hyperactivity. 

Aarella, Vikram ; Fernando, Devaka ; Mudenha, Emily ; Okpe, Andrew (2015 )
Objectives: Adrenal gland hypertrophy can be related to acute stress with abnormal adrenal function tests. It may not always need treatment. Material and methods: An acute presentation of adrenal gland hypertrophy following ...

Dysautonomia: An explanation for the medically unexplained? 

Chandrasekaram, Senthil ; Aarella, Vikram ; Mudenha, Emily ; Fernando, Devaka (2016 )
Objective: To identify dysautonomia as a collection of conditions with variable presentation that may be mistaken for medically unexplained symptoms. Methods: Case series. Results: Tilt table testing and 24 h electrocardiographic ...

Rising HbA1c in the presence of optimal glycaemic control as assessed by self-monitoring - iron deficiency anaemia. 

Mudenha, Emily ; Aarella, Vikram ; Chandrasekaram, Senthil ; Fernando, Devaka (2016-02 )
HbA1c can be affected by determinants other than glucose and an awareness of this is important to avoid unnecessary hypoglycaemia.

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